Swimming pool can be an interesting addition to your house, but one thing that you have to keep in mind is that it is clean and properly maintained. The algae can grow where the moisture quantity is more, so, there is no other place better than a pool for the growth of algae. Presence of algae in the water can make the water look green. But the main question is whether or not is it safe to swim in a pool with algae? 

Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool with Algae

We will discuss everything related to pool with algae and if you can swim in the pool that has algae. You need to know and understand that pools with algae can be dangerous for your health. If you want to know why it is harmful, read on.

Algae Water Contains Bacteria

Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool with Algae
Is it Safe to Swim in a Pool with Algae

One of the facts about the algae in the pool is that where there are algae, there are bacteria. Though algae are itself not harmful for the skin or health, it means that the chlorine content in the pool water is not enough, and that the ph needs to be balanced. When the chlorine content in the pool is less, it can give rise to the growth of bacteria in it. Chlorine can kill the bacteria and it is not enough then it cannot kill the bacteria as well as the germs, viruses and parasites in the pool water. All these harmful microorganisms can enter into the body through ears, eyes, throat and nose or even through any small cuts in your skin. So, if you are swimming in a pool full of algae, it can cause fever, ear infection, summer bummers and diarrhea too.

When You can Swim?

If the pool water is looking green, or you’re noticing black stains on the pool liner, then you have to treat the algae first. The green tint of the pool water will reduce with the chlorine shock treatment. This shocking treatment of the pool can kill and destroy most of the algae. You have to ensure that the chlorine level is at a constant range in your pool. The range must vary from 1 to 5 ppm, whereas the chloramine level should be at zero. Once the pool is shocked, it will successfully decrease the algae content in the pool water. Also, make sure that the filtration system is working perfectly. Without that it is impossible to maintain the quality of the pool water and keep it completely clean and purified.


So, you have probably got the answer to the question – is it safe to swim in a pool with algae? It is not okay to swim in pool water which has algae in it, or which looks greenish and cloudy in nature. You need to take required measures and steps to ensure that the algae are completely eliminated from the pool water before you jump into it. If it is not possible for you, then you can also call a professional pool maintenance service to ensure that the pool is free from algae and other harmful microorganisms in the pool.

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