For pool owners, you may have to deal with calcium buildup. It is not an easy task to deal with this kind of pool buildup, but it is doable if you know how to remove calcium from pool water. The buildup results from imbalanced pH and high calcium levels. Therefore, the secret to dealing with the calcium problem is balancing pH and the chemicals. 

How to Remove Calcium from Pool Water
How to Remove Calcium from Pool Water

How to Remove Calcium from Pool Water

This post will be talking about calcium in pool water. You will learn about the two main types of calcium buildups and how to remove them. You will also learn how to prevent the problem in the future by learning how to keep your pool clean

Common Types of Calcium Buildups

Calcium buildup in pool water commonly happens in two forms and is a common inground pool problem. They are calcium silicate and calcium carbonate. Calcium silicate is the more stubborn of the two. It takes longer to form, but it will make you sweat when you remove it. It is often recommended to get a professional if you are dealing with calcium silicate buildup. Calcium carbonate is easy to form and equally easy to remove. 

So, how do you know the kind of buildup is in your pool? Get muriatic acid and add a few drops on a section of the buildup and give it a short while. If it is calcium silicate, you will see no reaction. On the other hand, calcium carbonate will react and leave a foam-like substance floating. 

Removing Calcium Buildup from Pool 

Since the buildups are different in composition, removing them will follow different procedures as below:

  • Removing Calcium Silicate Buildup

Calcium silicate is deeply attached to the pool surface. You will need pumice and thorough scrubbing to remove it. It is hard work, and you will find yourself sweating. If you have fiberglass walls, then the pumice option is off the table. 

You may try additives known for breaking down calcium silicate, but they do not work fast. It is going to take a long time for the buildup to go. Your best option is getting professionals to remove the buildup once and for all.

  • Removing Calcium Carbonate Buildup

Commercial stain erasers will do a great job breaking down calcium carbonate. There are plenty of them; thus, your decision should not give you any trouble. You can as well use pumice if your pool has hard and scratch-free surfaces. Calcium carbonate goes down easily, and it should not be a hard job getting the buildup out. 

Preventing Calcium Buildup in the Future

When you remove the calcium buildup, you do not want the same problem to recur. One of the things you should do is stabilize the pH level and keep it at its recommended level. Of course, there is calcium in your water, and you should remove it through reverse osmosis. Finally, get an automatic pool cover to prevent evaporation that leaves behind calcium. You should also look into pool cleaning tips to ensure that your pool is clean at all times. 

Bottom Line 

It is a crucial skill to know how to remove calcium from pool water. Even better, you can prevent the problem by keeping your pool at the optimal pH level and making sure all other chemicals are balanced. Worst comes to worst, you can always reach out to pool professionals to get your pool serviced.

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