Having a pool in your backyard is a dream come true. You now have the space and place to kick it in and enjoy a lazy weekend. It never gets better than that. But with all that beauty, you probably forget to put in a system to deal air bubbles once the pool water hits the walls. Now that is a constant problem taking away your peace of mind. A good place to start would be asking: what would cause air bubbles in pool pump suction basket? 

What Would Cause Air Bubbles in Pool Pump Suction Basket?
What Would Cause Air Bubbles in Pool Pump Suction Basket?

What Would Cause Air Bubbles in Pool Pump Suction Basket?

This post is what you need to solve the problems of air bubbles in your pool pump suction system. It will tell you how the bubbles are formed and how the problem manifests itself. You will also learn how to solve the inground pool problem whenever it happens. 

How Air Bubbles Happen in Pool Pump Suction System

The formation of bubbles is simply the consequence of air sucked into the suction pump line. This is as a result of opening the pool internal system for the first time. A lot of undesired things, including air, find their way in and cause a nightmare. The good news is that the problem is only above the ground and that means you will not need to do any digging to fix the problem. 

Common Causes of Pool Air Bubbles

Much like how there are several reasons why algae grows in a pool, there are also several reasons why air bubbles form in the pool’s pump suction line. Here are a few of them:

How to Solve the Air Bubble Problem 

Now that you know why you keep getting the air bubble problem, it is time you learn how to solve it and never miss a day of fun in your backyard. 

  • Check and maintain the correct water level: It could be your water level is too low. When the water is far down the skimmer, air will be sucked in and directed to the pump line. Keep the water level at half or three-quarter level above the skimmer. 
  • Tighten the pump-valve connection: This is the most common cause of air bubbles in pool line systems. Inspect the connection and ascertain if it is tight. Check if the O-ring is well placed and in healthy condition. Remove any grit and other debris you may notice. Make sure the pool pump is off when you do all these. 
  • Loose strainer lid: The lid should be tight at all times. A little snugness will let air in and that will be the beginning of your bubble problems. Start your inspection by turning off the pump then opening the lid. Check the O-ring condition and remove any debris. If you see nothing out of place, return the lid and tighten it. 

Bottom Line 

Now you know what would cause air bubbles in pool pump suction basket. Make sure you keep every joint airtight. Closely inspect the O-rings to make sure they are in good condition. Always stay vigilant when it comes to taking care of your pool so that you can enjoy the benefits of having a pool in the first place. Worst comes to worst, you can also reach out to a pool professional for expert services.

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