Pool liners are an important part of the pool. Have you ever noticed black stains on vinyl pool liner? Well, if you have, then you have to recognize the stains which can be associated with different problems. The vinyl pool liners are often protected with special coatings and additives. Thus, they can withdraw some of the extremes from the cold, heat and sunshine. However, there are some ways by which you can solve this problem.

Black Stains on Vinyl Pool Liner 

If you think that vinyl pool liners of highest quality can withstand staining, then you are wrong. Water balance is the key. To know more about the black stains on vinyl swimming pool liners and how to keep your pool clean, read on.

How Does Black Staining Happen?

Black staining can be caused due to many reasons. This can appear on the vinyl pool liners which can originate from different sources. The two main sources of this black stain on the vinyl pool liner are – metal staining and black algae. Depending on the type of stain, you have to try different treatments to rectify the problem.

Metal Staining

Iron, manganese and copper can be introduced into the pool through different water sources that can alter the pH level of the pool. They can form oxides in the pool water with chlorine. This can precipitate out of the solution that can result in staining on the pool liner. These stains can general be gray, black or brown in nature. Copper can also get dissolved from the copper or brass fittings from the plumbing. This can happen when the pH level is less than 7 in your pool water. The metal staining can be confirmed by treating a small portion with the help of pH reducer. This can dissolve the metals. 

Black Algae

This appears as a series of small black spots on the pool liner. They are quite stubborn organisms which come with a coating that can resist the chlorine. These can leave behind black stains on the vinyl pool liners. But you can get rid of this by brushing the algae spots using the nylon brush for opening up the algae coating. Next, you have to test whether the pH level of your water is reduced below 7.2 for improving the effectiveness of the chlorine. 

There is also another type of black or gray colored stain that can occur when a group of dye-producing microorganisms colonize on the back side of the vinyl liner. This microbial dye can be visible on the pool side liner and it can wick through the material of the liner. 

Final Words

So, if you find black stains on vinyl pool liner, these are some of the steps that you have to take clean the black stains on vinyl pool liner. You need to make sure that you are using the right solution to clean the black stains from the pool liner and keeping it completely stainless so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of having a pool. These pool liners are very important and you cannot keep it the way it is with the black stains on it. If you need additional help with pool cleaning, maybe you should look into self cleaning pools to save yourself the hassle.  Moreover, this can destroy the beauty of the pool liner and swimming pool area too.

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