Pools are dream come true for a lot of homeowners. They not only make your home a haven, but also increase your property’s value. One good thing with pools is that there is no limit of choices. You can choose an inground or above-ground pool of whichever size or design you want. Even better, you can decide to go with a beach entry pool. But before you do that, there is an important question you have to answer. Are beach entry pools more expensive?

If you are hearing about beach entry pools for the first time or you want to have one, you came to the right place. This post has everything you need to know. It will tell you what a beach entry pool is, as well as factors that determine its cost.

What is a Beach Entry Pool?

What is a Beach Entry Pool
What is a Beach Entry Pool

The zero, or beach entry pool, is the newest innovative design that everyone is talking about. The design takes an approach that places the pool on the shallow end. There is a gradual slope that gives the pool a much deeper end. In particular, this kind of pool is suitable for kids, people recuperating from injuries, and the elderly. It is also the best pool choice you can make if you want to swim as well as sunbathe from the same spot.

Another structural feature of beach entry pools is that they do not require steps, the zero entry covers for that. You can also add other decorations on the sides to give your pool an aesthetic edge.

How Much it Costs to Build a Beach Entry Pool

Pools are not cheap. You need quite an amount to build one. Zero entry pools are more expensive than the regular types. However, the final cost is determined by several factors as discussed below;

  • Materials Used

Typically, zero entry pools use concrete because it is relatively cheap. Those who are looking to go with something other than concrete could use fiberglass or vinyl. Make sure to check what material works best for you since fiberglass and vinyl could cost you more money.

  • Pool Size

The larger the pool, the more you will spend. A large pool means covering a lot of ground and you will need more materials. If you want to spend less, it may be advisable to go with a small size pool. The size and depth are things to consider since they both play into the pricing of the pool.

  • Pool Style and Design

Your pool design and style plays a central role in the amount of materials you use. It will also affect the size of your pool. It is also true that customized styles will cost more than regular pool designs. You should talk to your contractor to help you estimate the cost of each design before starting. Also, the more aesthetics you add to your pool, the more you will spend.

Maintenance of the Pool
Maintenance of the Pool
  • Maintenance of the Pool

You will have to keep in mind that there will need to be maintenance and proper cleaning to keep your pool looking clean and functioning. So you will need to ensure you get the right size pump, cleaning materials, and ensuring the water is tested frequently to keep it free of bacteria.

Is a Beach Entry Pool the Right Choice For You?

For those asking: are beach entry pools more expensive? Yes they are. Thanks to their unique structure, they will cost you more than the conventional pools. Factors like size, design, and materials will have the most sway on how much you spend. At the end of the day, a pool would be a great investment since there are so many benefits with having a pool.

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